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Hawaiian Jewelry

Few places on Earth can match the breathtaking beauty and relaxed lifestyle that are common to the Hawaiian Islands. With its unique plant and animal life, brilliant weather conditions, and unparalleled scenic allure, is it any wonder why its natural beauty has been the inspiration for Hawaiian jewelry makers for generations? These natural attributes are recreated in gold and silver and sold through dozens of Hawaiian retailers each day.

If you’re looking for unique, creative jewelry pieces that invoke the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands, then Goldcrownjewelers.com is the website for you. We’re quite passionate about the Hawaiian aesthetic and are eager to help inform the general public about the beauty and personality of the jewelry made locally in the Hawaiian Islands. Our website is designed to be used as an informational resource for those looking to expand their knowledge of this particular style. The information we provide is as non-biased as possible, and we do not endorse any one retailer or product.

Hawaiian jewelry is defined by its connection to the characteristics of the Hawaiian Islands. This connection can come from the laid back lifestyle, from the thousands of unique plant and flower species, or from the indigenous animal life of the islands and surrounding waters. Each jewelry maker incorporates both their personality and these natural environmental attributes, and each does so in their own unique way. This kind of variety and dedication to creating truly “locally-inspired” pieces is one of the hallmarks of the jewelers that reside in this state.

Gold and silver recreations of exotic flowers and unique marine animals are an important part of Hawaiian-style body adornment. Native flowers such as the Hibiscus are commonly created from these materials and can range from simple to quite detailed and ornate. Whales and dolphins, both of which can be found throughout the waters of the island chain (depending on the season) are very popular design elements of this style of jewelry and are easily created from either gold or silver.

Other native materials are also commonly used in the creation of Hawaiian jewelry. Coral, for instance, is used extensively as an alternative to precious gemstones and can be quite stunning when placed in the right setting. Locally grown pearls are also exceptionally popular and are commonly put together in strings for necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Animal parts, such as shark teeth, are commonly used in the creation of these pieces as well. The use of these native materials is what makes them “Hawaiian”.

There are a great many Hawaiian retailers that specialize in creating and selling jewelry that represents what it is to live in this unique setting. Most of these operations are small businesses that often rely heavily on tourism for their survival. They are often family-owned and are integral parts of their communities. However, the Internet has given many of these small retailers greater access to consumers outside of the islands. No longer do you need to actually visit Hawaii in order to be able to purchase this type of jewelry.